Top 3 Survival Blogs of 2015

A lot of people come to me and ask… “Rodney, there are 100s of blog on survival skills, preparedness, tips, tricks… There’s so much stuff out there, but if you had to pick the top 3 websites on survival what would they be?”

It seems like a pretty easy question, but it really isn’t. It’s true… There are so many blogs out there on survival, that it’s not very easy to pick a top 3. Usually, when I answer that question I end up saying my top 15 rather than my top 3.

I’ve been asked this several times now, and so I decided to give this question some thought and come up with my list. Not only that, but I’ll explain to you why these made it to the top.

3. is a fairly recent survival blog, but they’ve put out some of the best survival preparedness guides I’ve read. Seriously! They have in depth guides that you can and should use in case you have to put your survival skills to practice. Wellbeck goes into a lot of detail not only about what you should do but it also explains why their tips and tricks are so important. My favorite guide posted on their site has to be the Disaster Preparedness Plan. Here’s a sneak peek…


2. Modern Survival Blog

When I say that I’m a big fan of Modern Survival Blog, people that visit the website for the first time usually don’t understand why I’d rank it on the top 3. The blog content is great, so is their email newsletter. But the best thing about the Modern Survival Blog is the community. There are constant discussions and debates about survival in general, and for an aficionado like me, I absolutely love it. I know the site looks really ugly, but it’s totally worth it.


1. Survival Life is probably the one that puts out the best blogs. They are constantly updating their site, with fresh articles, videos and interviews. They bring in survival experts, from ex-marines to ex-CIA agents. I highly recommend Survival Life to all my “survival friends” and the big reason why is because they truly invest in high quality content, survival kits and courses.

survival life

The 7 bushcraft secrets that no one has ever told you

If you’re ever going to be in survival mode, you need to know and understand these 7 bushcraft secrets. You can thank me later!


1. Your knife is everything. It should be sturdy, sharp and light.

2. You have to be able to make a fire. Almost anywhere, almost any time, you have to be able to create, control and use fire to produce light and heat on command. An advanced skill is the ability to transport fire from one location to another, safely.

3. Knots and rope work are critical when you’re living on your own, by your own wits. Being able to construct a shelter can often depend on your ability to tie a solid knot.

4. Tracking is a skill that’s often overlooked, but it’s a hunting and security skill that everybody should have. Making sure you have the fundamentals of tracking solid is important.

5. Foraging is the art and science of knowing what you can eat in the wild. It’s not commonly practiced today, but it could be very important to keeping you and your hunting companions fed on a long trek.

6. Chopping wood comes down to dropping a tree, and then dropping it some more. Knowing the best way to take down a tree so you get the resources you need, and you do as little damage to the forest as possible, means you get to keep going back to the same location.

7. Creating a shelter is simple if you’re content to have your shelter fall down on your head. There is little time to figure out how to build something when you’re living on your own. You should have a shelter plan already put together with a few different contingencies. You and your hunting companions, be they humans or animals, don’t deserve to sleep outside in the rain.

How to use hunting dogs for survival

I was lucky to being hunting with Airedales early in my life, and I formed a solid understanding of how they could play a role in keeping me fed, if I wanted my dogs to do that.

They were so well behaved that they never brought me kill outside of the hunt, but if I had let them go off on their own I am sure they would have. These dogs are that well attuned to the human they’re bonded with.

Airedales are not the only, or perhaps even the best, dogs to hunt with depending on your circumstances.

For some people the cleverness and speed of the Airedale will be a great fit. For others, having the grace and power of the Ridgeback is going to be a more appropriate choice. Let’s be honest, Airedales started as ratters, and Ridgebacks started as lion hunters. They’re not in the same class.

Here are some hunting dogs in action. This is a great video… I had to share it with you.

Working with a dog who’s capable of doing what you need done is part of figuring out how to hunt with dogs. This isn’t that different from figuring out how to work with people. It’s a pain, and sometimes you have to work with what you have.

Likewise, it can be important to remember that a superior hunting dog is not necessarily going to be your best livestock management dog. There are a few breeds where the intelligence is there to handle both responsibilities, but there are plenty more where it’s not. Again, just like working with people – make sure you’re playing to your strengths.